Specifications for the Lindsay Hollowing System

      - With the double-ended reversible Hunter cutter, you are able to work from either side of the lathe

      - If you like to work from the front of the lathe, set up your outrigger to the left of the cutter, and secure cutter pointing toward outrigger after removing spare cutter from the other end of the cutter shaft.

      - If you like to work from behind the lathe, set up your hollowing jig in the opposite configuration.

      - Move the laser arm and the laser beam to the distance from the cutter you want your wall thickness to be on your vessel.

      - Set your tool rest to an angle so that it supports your outrigger and your boring bar, at exactly horizontal to center.

      - You are now ready to begin hollowing

      - Click on the "Tutorials" button (above) to see more helpful hits and use instructions for the Lindsay Hollowing System.