Tutorials on use of the Lindsay Hollowing System


      7- 1/2 minute assembly video tutorial (click on the screen-shot) 


      Instructions for assembly of Hollowing Jig:

        - Attach outrigger coupler to the outrigger.

        - Place the Lindsay/Hunter cutter shaft in boring bar after removing the second (spare) cutter from the other side of the cutter shaft.

        - Place boring bar into outrigger coupler, set on flat surface, make sure cutter and outrigger are in same plane, and tighten down set screws.

        - Attach vertical laser holder arm into laser arm block with small diameter hole on same side as the cutter if you are using the Lindsay laser diode, or large hole if you are using a laser pen. Secure with set screw.

        - You are now ready to begin hollowing.


      4 minute video on use of Linday Hollowing System (click on screen-shot)