The entire jig is made out of hardened steel to provide the strongest tool.

    The jig is held to your lathe by a clamp that is made to fit between the ways of your lathe. This clamp is a critical component of the jig as it self centers the jig under the work piece.

    The jig is constructed with an substantial outer post which mounts to the above clamp. Then there is an inner post which moves up and down in the outer post. This movement allows you to set the jig to the center height of your lathe. Once it is at the right height, you tighten a set screw on the outer post thereby locking the post in place.

    The cutter holder is mounted on a horizontal swing arm. The swing arm attaches the the inner post with a oil impegnated bronze sleeve bearing. The cutter holder supports a 3/8" square shaft. There is a knob at the top of this holder which locks the cutter into place.


    The 5 jig is custom made to fit any lathe from a 10" mini to a 24" swing and all sizes in between.

    The 9 jig is custom made to fit any lathe from a 16" swing up to a 24".

    The 12 jig is custom made to fit any 24" swing lathe.


    The jig is engineered to turn a sphere with maximum diameters of 5", 9" or 12" depending on the swing of your lathe.

    Cutter Details

    The Lindsay/Hunter tool assembly, pictured below, is a 3/8" square shaft tool has a 1/2" round, razor-sharp, replaceable carbide cutter head. This cutter head has a significantly longer life than standard HSS tools.